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Legend has it that in most parts of the Buddhist Himalayas there exists ‘Be-Yuls’or hidden paradise, where devotees can seek refuge in threatening times, sheltered and protected Bumthang valley is one such extraordinary place on earth, with natural beauty matched by its cultural purity, a cultural purity that is rarely found anywhere else in the world. The tour begins at Paro valley, known for its transparent purity of the air and the absence of noise, home to many of Bhutan’s oldest temples, to the modernizing capital of Thimphu where we will see artisans, continuing to use age-old techniques to produce some of the finest traditional arts and crafts; we continue through the ancestral home of the Wangchuk Dynasty, Trongsa and further to Bumthang, the cultural hub of Bhutan, where the whole landscape is dotted with monasteries, temples and legend about the kings and serpents. We will visits some of the most venerable Bhutanese monasteries, typical village houses to see their everyday life; focusing more on the traditional arts and crafts such as thanka painting, weaving and dying of textiles using vegetable colors and its taboos. One can also experience a camp stay followed by a beautiful trek along an ancient route that nobody has known for so many years!.

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